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Podcast: Automation Can Deliver Huge Value Managing Telecom Expenses

July 10, 2020

“Cloud Age Solutions is in the business of unraveling the chaos of telecom bills through automation,” says  Bob Norberg, CMO at Cloud Age Solutions. In this podcast we learn how automation might hold a key helping companies get their arms around recurring costs and possibly hidden, or obscure charges. “In general, we are all overwhelmed with data. Telecom bills are no stranger to overwhelming data,” says Norberg. Norberg makes the case that we can leverage current and evolving automation technology, such as ML and AI to make sense of billing and to create methods of being more aware of what a company is actually paying, and paying for which services. Norberg offers a roadmap to use automation to cut costs and deploy systems to stop over paying for service, and to stop paying for unused or underutilized services.



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