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Podcast: CounterPath evolves offering, offers free virtual meeting rooms during crises

March 25, 2020

CounterPath offers collaboration tools that are custom built for existing networks

CounterPath is a company whose background extends to at least three generations of UC technologies, helping pioneer softphones for voice communications for the enterprise. Today the company is a leader in the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions for enterprises and service providers market. In response to the crises, CounterPath is offering extended Virtual Meeting Room capabilities until the end of June for all of its Bria Solo, Bria Solo Free, and Bria Teams users. In this podcast, Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer at CounterPath, discusses how CounterPath is helping customers migrate to work at home by making abrupt moves to at home environments, much smoother and seamless. “Workers are getting used to working at home,” says Carothers noting a change that might “stick” after the crises. Carothers notes how enterprises of all sizes and types are adapting while workers warm to a culture where even office social locations are going online. “We cover them all,” says Carothers describing how many vendors that CounterPath can work well with.



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