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Podcast: Creating Optimal Voice Cost Structures

September 23, 2020

According to Chris Lee, the CEO of Cloud Age Solutions, carriers today need to look both at costs and revenue to maximize profit. While that may sound simple enough, maximizing value requires automation and a method of figuring out the best way to get the most revenue from every transaction. In this podcast, Lee outlines the “Golden Triangle” for a successful service – Cost, Quality, Reliability. “All traffic is NOT created equal,” Lee says, as he urges the carriers to take a closer look at traffic and billing. Part of the picture might be to blend multiple carrier decks that offer lower costs and better resiliency. Developing optimal cost routing guides (I/B and O/B) leveraging multiple carriers to drive cost reductions and increased carrier reliability, and automation are also part of the story. Lee conveys real world examples of success stories and describes how Cloud Age Solutions and SaaS Telecom Lifecycle Management application gpxcloud, can help make cost and revenue management a doable goal.



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