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Podcast: ECI Acquisition adds another component of the complete communication solution package

March 20, 2020

Patrick Joggerst

While the nation is slowing down due to the CoronaVirus, Ribbon continues to move forward by expanding technology and their product portfolio. CMO and EVP of Business Development with Ribbon, Patrick Joggerst provides insight into the ECI acquisitions along with current channel strategies. Ribbon and ECI’s newly combined company allows Ribbon to enhance and broaden its existing customer offerings with ECI’s industry-leading packet optical transport solutions.

Patrick goes on to provide an update on how the integration of ECI Telecom is going as well as providing updates to Ribbon’s Next Generation Intelligent Edge portfolio with the introduction of the EdgeMarc 300. He explains more about the strategy behind the updated portfolio.

Ribbon’s strategy continues to focus on a strong channel and is helping enterprise customers with unified communications and collaboration.

Patrick also discusses the release of its cloud-based Work@Home offer, which delivers advanced remote working capabilities to enterprises and contact centers of any size.

Ribbon is known for their expertise in transforming networks, security and supporting the largest communications networks, delivering world-class solutions to service provides, enterprises and governments around the world. Ribbon is in a unique position to make a long-term and sustained difference for our societies and planet. Their “triple bottom line” focus recognizes that their business success is deeply connected to the world they serve. While some businesses chase economic gain, often at the expense of others, they recognize that a failure to account for social and environmental impacts would make such business practices unsustainable. They therefore operate with a great awareness and commitment to doing things the “right way” – and they have been rewarded for many years as they are able to attract talented, like-minded professionals to their team, and engage with their customers and their communities in quality relationships.

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