Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Product Evangelist of

Google Voice is the monster that might devour UC whole, and Crisantos Hajibrahim couldn’t be more excited. In this podcast Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Product Evangelist of and Dave Gilbert, Chief Product Evangelist of Cloud Communication Alliance, outline the challenge and discuss the response. Hajibrahim and Gilbert think that Google will approach the market in the disruptive way Google has approached other markets: free at the point of entry. Hajibrahim thinks that Google Voice poses a real market share threat to companies that rely on the traditional SMB UC market. However, Hajibrahim thinks that service companies offering the “human element”, value added services and customized customer care, will find an opportunity in the new market landscape. If service companies pursue a strategy of offering sticky offerings, they can build customer loyalty and avoid the drive to the price bottom.

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