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Podcast: If You Can’t Google it, It Doesn’t Exist…Changing How We Sell Communications Services

September 12, 2019

“If you have to go out and buy something,” asks Greg Zweig Director of Solutions Marketing for Ribbon, “…how would you go buy that item?” Zweig thinks that most people do a search online, do a little research and then act on buying. In this podcast, Zweig’s message to the channel community is: we can do better. Zweig believes that service providers have real opportunities in simply sprucing up their websites. “If you were going to sell your house, you would paint the front door and fix the landscape.” Many service providers have websites that are dated, not mobile friendly and don’t have useful information. Join us for a few minutes as Zweig lists some simple steps to make a better impression and off customers more useful and actionable content.



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