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Podcast: Own your customer relationship, build company equity says Altaworx

January 26, 2021

According to Jamie Rawden, Vice President of Channel Development at Altaworx, retaining the customer relationship is critical to Altaworx’s channel partners. Losing that direct relationship, handing parts and pieces of that connection over, eventually undermines the channel partner’s equity that he has in his own company. In the era of cloud, relationship ownership is equity. In this podcast, we learn how Altaworx helps their customers achieve those relationships while still meeting the complex requirements that lead so many companies to hand off their customers. Rawden walks us through what she calls the three uniques: allowing companies to retain equity, handing customers complex billing and taxation needs, and offering white label UCaaS and mobility options. We learn about Altaworx’s channel program, and unique services offered at . We also learn about a “catapult” feature that enables beginners to jet ahead.



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