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Podcast: takes on the challenge of telemedicine and other fast changing verticals in a time of mass disruption

October 23, 2020 keeps it simple on-top while adding muscle below 

“People are going to work smarter, they are going to use technology in a way that is effective for themselves, and their organizations, says Joel Maloff, Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at In this podcast Maloff offers a look at how one of the cloud’s pioneering firms is exploring new ground both in platforms in use and verticals being served. started with the smallest businesses looking for communication and soon began selling to larger firms as well through channel partners. Today is migrating much of their services to AWS cloud, a step the company feels is in keeping with its model of providing firms of many sizes the most up to date set of services. Through all the changes that have occurred to the market, continues to keep a simple message and model face forward to the users, while adding muscle, more powerful capabilities below. In this way has mirrored the thinking that has brought us more sophisticated devices that don’t require a user manual. Now, Maloff reports, is moving beyond conferencing that’s simply thrown up based on what’s available to providing HIPPA compliant telehealth. As we look at 2021, Maloff offers a message of opportunity and progress as continues to partner with its channel team to invent and customize solutions for customers, with a company big enough to take on complex projects but small enough to offer individualized service and offerings.



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