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Podcast: Phonism Selected by Ribbon for Cloud Management of Desk Phones and More

September 22, 2020

“It’s very much a single pain of glass,” says John Macario, SVP Channel Marketing of Ribbon. Earlier this month, Phonism announced that they have been selected by Ribbon Communications to co-develop, jointly market, and sell IP device management solutions to carriers and enterprise customers deploying Ribbon’s EdgeView Service Control Center. Phonism’s IP device management solutions are now available to Ribbon’s enterprise and service provider users of EdgeView. EdgeView is Ribbon’s globally deployed network management platform that enables service providers and enterprises to monitor, troubleshoot, and quickly rectify problems, significantly reducing the number of service issues and driving savings in overall installation costs and customer care. In this podcast Ribbon’s John Macario joins Steve Lazaridis, CEO & Co-founder of Phonism, to walk us through the new connection between the two companies.

“With EdgeView and Ribbon strategy around managing the edge, Phonism made really good sense to build an integration tool where extending the capability beyond the SBC to allow management all the way to the end point …” said Lazaridis. Lazaridis and Macario see the new relationship as much more than a step ahead. The addition of Phonism enhances EdgeView’s capabilities to remotely configure, monitor, and update a wide range of IP endpoints in the cloud. “1 + 1 = 3,” says Macario, who sees big wins for everyone from the end user up through the channel.


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