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Podcast: PROFILES IN COMMUNICATIONS – Bita Milanian has advanced to a senior level executive at Ribbon and also pushes for woman’s rights while giving back to the community

March 02, 2020

Bita Milanian

We work with individuals on a daily basis in the communications industry and talk about the industry expansion as well as each company’s advancements in technology, but little is discussed about the actual individuals that drive the process. Bita is one of those hard driving individuals that makes things happen.  Bita, is Senior Vice President of Ribbon Communications, a global real time communications technology, software and platform provider serving hundreds of top telecom and tech giants, channel partners, enterprises and organizations in over 25 countries, connecting people across six continents.

Additionally, Bita is one of the top advocates for peace, justice, equality, human rights and freedom, as a refugee from Iran who travels around the world speaking and writing about the most important issues of our day. Fluent in several languages, Bita balances her life as a successful business executive with her life as a humanitarian and philanthropist, and as a daughter, wife and grandmother of three young grandchildren, who further inspire her to work tirelessly to ensure their generation and generations beyond will live in a better world, on a sustainable planet where free and fair society enable every being to thrive.

Bita now has her own podcast where she has guests and advocates for the freedoms that she now enjoys. Listen in to hear more about her work with Ribbon and her personal goals.

For more information on Ribbon Communications, go to:

Personal: BITA’s KITCHEN  /

Social Media  @bitamilanian on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn


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