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Podcast: snom offers plug and play option to service providers

September 16, 2019

“We differentiate ourselves with features,” says Brian Tompkins, Vice President of Sales at snom. “We give something to our end users something, primarily, that our competitors don’t offer.” Recorded live at last week’s Cloud Comms Summit, Tompkins outlines how his company creates a vital competitive edge for the service provider community.

In this podcast, we learn how snom uses DECT technology to deliver a “phone in a box” solution where the base station talks to the desksets, handsets, or conference phone. The powerless wireless technology, in this case, is used to make installation simple and inexpensive. The phones are provisioned before they are shipped. The M18 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Deskset offers a familiar 4-line format, a familiar desktop feel, and no Ethernet drop required. When paired with the M100 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station, each deskset can have its own extension and unique phone number.

“We can’t make the mistake of thinking customers always know what they want, all the time,” says Tompkins. According to Tompkins, customers experience a “wow moment” when they learn there’s a solution to a challenge, they may have thought not addressable based on their product knowledge or experience.



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