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Podcast: Taking your PBX from on-prem to the cloud, what you need to know for a successful migration strategy! Univonix Podcast Series, Part I

September 30, 2020

An enormous installed base of still operating legacy PBXs remains in place. While Cloud Communications and other migration paths are more active and utilized than ever, the paradox of a large number of legacy on-prem based sites, is a reality for many networks. In this podcast, Benny Ben-Ami, CTO of Univonix outlines what every PBX based network manager need to know in order to build a successful migration strategy. We will look specifically at automated extraction and migration of Avaya Call Flows while we also look at similar issues with other PBX brands. Ben-Ami discusses what you can do on your own, and where products such as Univonix can play a role, utilizing automation, to cut time, labor costs and to make for a much more accurate and smoother event. This podcast looks at the business and operational impact of migration, reviewing the tactical decisions that need to be taken before starting your migration journey.



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