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Podcast: TelcoBridges well positioned to help partners succeed in changing market

January 25, 2021

“The growth of the cloud is on a tear,” says Alan Percy, Chief Marketing Officer at TelcoBridges. In this podcast for the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) and TR Publications, Percy outlines how 2020 accelerated already in place trends and how he expects 2021 to be a year of opportunity for cloud community. Percy notes that TelcoBridges, having already embraced a cloud model was in a good position to take on 2020 and is at an even better place to experience new successes in 2021. “It’s exciting times for TelcoBridges”, relays Percy. Percy discovers a five point program to help TelcoBridges find new opportunities and solve immediate challenges in 2021, including helping service providers get ahead of the robocall challenge, and helping operators from TDM platforms, still in place from regulatory issues.



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