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Podcast: The future is your pocket

February 27, 2020

Cisco research on Internet sees continued rise of 5G and the role of mobile applications

“If there’s not an app for that, there will be by 2023,” says Thomas Barnett, Director of Thought Leadership at Cisco. For more than a decade, Cisco has been issuing a report looking at the state of the Internet from a global perspective. The report covers fixed broadband, Wi-Fi, and mobile (3G and below, 4G, 5G) networking. In this podcast, Barnett is joined by Shruti Jain and Usha Andra, who are both analysts at Cisco. Together, our podcast panel takes us through some of Cisco’s key findings. Unsurprisingly, the future is in your pocket. The way in which technologies and their use are more and more connected to people using apps on their phones, appears at the center of an ongoing transformation of work, leisure and everyday life.

The rise of apps across all manner of uses from industrial process, to transport to consumer and entertainment, leaves virtually no industry untouched. What happens on your phone, happens on the Internet, and that means infrastructure challenges and opportunities. We learn how far 5G will be in major economy markets such as Japan and the US. Jain sees 5G being more than 10% of global connections, with higher penetrations in Asia, followed by the EU and US. “The difference isn’t too much,” says Jain with regard to 5G penetrations among the most developed economies. “5G will be driven by IOT growth,” Jain adds, noting the way in which machine to machine growth will be a major driver. Andra notes the continued importance of technologies such as Wi-Fi6.

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