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Podcast: UBoss automates the back office, enables improved margins, customized solutions

September 09, 2020

“UBoss is about automating the back office,” says Iain Sinnott, VP, Sales for UBoss and UBoss parent company, DRD Communications. According to Sinnott, UBoss reduces costs and effecting margins by, “managing the business behind the scenes really well.” In this podcast Sinnott makes his case on how UBoss can help cloud communications companies achieve success in a competitive market by draining time and cost from critical processes while enabling customized experiences. Sinnott describes how the industry landscape now includes “cloud giants”, while UBoss and DRD’s more nimble customers can grow by holding the line on operational costs through strong automation tools while enabling customers to shine by making them indispensable to the companies they serve. UBoss is now a member of the Cloud Communications Alliance, which Sinnott sees as a great community where UBoss can offer a transformative set of products and services. Sinnott sees the looming “cloud giants” as an existential threat only to the extent that the cloud communications companies would offer the same vanilla set of services that the lumbering cloud mammoths will invariably churn out and offer at a low price. Sinnott argues that the cloud communications community must offer tailored services, and he discusses how UBoss can help a company get to that higher level of must-have offerings.



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