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Podcast: Understanding Poly Grant Assistance Program (PGAP), Part 1 Education and Remote Learning

January 29, 2021

Poly provides a value-added service (Poly Grants Assistance Program or PGAP) focused on helping organizations understand where the funding exists, what it can be spent on, and eligible use of funds. In this podcast, Cheryl Henshaw, director of the program, outlines how the program works and how the program helps various organizations meet communications challenges. During the pandemic (and subsequent stimulus funding), PGAP has enabled the purchase of UC technologies. PGAP has helped organizations and agencies develop funding to purchase both voice and interactive video technologies that have helped schools, colleges, universities, courts, corrections, first responders and a gamut of healthcare providers to maintain continuity of operations while limiting viral spread. Henshaw focusses on the unique challenges facing education, where institutions must equip their facilities, remote teachers and remote students.

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