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Podcast: With EMA, BroadSource seeks to place cloud communications at the center of a mobility revolution

September 15, 2020

Recently, BroadSource announced that its EMU mobile assistant “puts the power of Cloud Collaboration in the hands of the end customer.” In this podcast, Haydn Faltyn, CEO of BroadSource walks us through BroadSource’s EMU Mobile Assistant (EMA), a patented Progressive Web, Architecture for mobile devices, that expedites the on-boarding process putting the power of mobile devices and Cloud Collaboration in the hands of the end customer. The idea is to enable the customer to enjoy the benefits faster without the need for complex technical and administrative intervention. Faltyn discusses the case study of Vodafone Germany. Vodafone has used EMA to release their One Net Express (ONX) Cloud Collaboration offering and Vodafone’s My One Net mobile application. Faltyn explains how Vodafone’s success is something other cloud communications companies can experience with EMA and how EMA begins to address the coming challenges of remaining a necessary vendor in the age of mobility.



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