What you don’t know about the campaign registry can hurt you, and your customers, Red Oxygen Podcast

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on Texting and Regulation and What You Need To Know Now

“We act as a managed service provider for all those ISVs struggling to deal with the new regulations with the campaign registry from a compliance perspective, a billing perspective, and a delivery perspective,” Tommy Sheahan, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Oxygen.

The law of unintended consequences works overtime when married with fast moving technology, complexity and the cat and mouse forever game played by the world’s most trusted technology and communications company, and the bad actors who try to prey on their customers. In this far-reaching podcast series, we will be looking at the campaign registry, how to get into compliance, and some larger, urgent, public policy issues. Sheahan will walk us through the world of SMS, from its earliest days, into our time where its pushed voice aside, as a primary means of communication, to the public policy challenges we face.

“The intent is good. The problem is it's very onerous on, let's say you've written some software for dance studios or home health services, right? And you've got a thousand home health agencies throughout the United States. You have to register each one of these entities, right? Even to be a one-man home health care provider. And you have to register their content. And that's a very onerous process. You got to communicate with all your customers. And then you might've been giving these text messages away for free, but you don't know how many text messages this home health care provider sent versus this one.”

In this segment, we learn how Red Oxygen helps you fix that problem.


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