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Poly’s Experience Centers are Re-imagining the Modern Workplace, Podcast

April 23, 2021

Today, we speak with Renee Nieblyski, Director of the Global Experience Program at Poly. The Global Experience Program is an interactive program that allows Poly experts to present industry-leading video and voice and headset innovations that are tailored to your business’ needs. Renee walks us through a recent redesign of Poly’s Experience centers across the globe in Beijing, London, Paris, Texas and Virginia, among other locations. At Poly’s Experience Centers you can interact with different combinations of products and experience what it would be like to get the most productivity and efficiency from your workforce – whether that’s in an office, working from home, or in hybrid environments. Renee takes us through the considerations for design of these centers with the pandemic in mind and the approach taken from a broader design perspective to provide the right solutions to customers and partners, no matter where, or how, they may be getting their work done.



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