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POST CHANNEL PARTNERS – SPECIAL FEATURE – IntelePeer delivers the positive quality experience to users that will help Resellers build their business faster, Podcast

November 22, 2021

It is all about the experience and when you deliver that quality experience to the user through the channel, you have a lot of pride in your company and partners.

Jeremy Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at IntelePeer, speaks to Don Witt of the Channel Daily News, A TR publication about the IntelePeer markets that they serve and who their customers are. He will also review:

  • How IntelePeer is helping create the new customer experience
  • The benefits IntelePeer products/services provide
  • IntelePeer’s CPaaS platform and how it empowers the enterprise
  • How the speed of deployment to organizations who are adopting UCaaS, CPaaS and cloud solutions is so important
    • How IntelePeer fulfills that need
  • How you can join their reseller team

About IntelePeer: IntelePeer delivers rapidly deployable communications solutions for an always connected world. Powered with AI and analytics their omnichannel platform instantly improves your customers’ communications experience. IntelePeer provides industry leading time-to-value with automated communications solutions that work seamlessly with existing business software and infrastructure. Their no code templates, low code, co-creation, and developer API options provide customers with simple, easy-to-use tools that can be utilized by anyone and are also accessible through developer APIs.

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