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Ribbon Communications shows leadership in a period of acute changes, Podcast

October 05, 2021

“We were in the thick of it and we were glad to help many of our customers in making it easy for them to adapt to this change that happened,” says Sanjay Bhatia, Ribbon Communications’ Vice President of Solutions Marketing and Strategy. Over the last 18 months, Ribbon Communications has rolled out several innovations that make it easier for enterprises to leverage Microsoft Teams, move systems to the cloud, protect real-time communications and analyze network traffic. In addition, Ribbon’s focus on integrating ECI Telecom’s solutions into its enterprise strategy has enabled the company to deliver IP Optical offerings for homeland security, utilities, transportation and more. Trusted by enterprises across the globe, the company has played a significant role in solving capacity, bandwidth and security challenges for these organizations during the global pandemic and shift to remote work. In this podcast Bhatia, will discuss the company’s enterprise communications innovations in-depth, including the strategy behind them, how businesses are currently using them and how they will help organizations succeed in a post-pandemic world.



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