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Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect attracts major solution provider attention as Teams adoption escalates, Podcast

May 10, 2022

Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect helps providers

According to Greg Zweig, Ribbon’s Director, Solutions Marketing, as Teams adoption escalates, “…it’s just a matter of time that people ask ‘what else can I do with this’ and phone is a natural extension.” In this podcast Zweig discusses the sweeping changes that Microsoft Teams brings, including the way enterprises deliver voice and real time communications. Teams also breaks the connection of geography to carrier. Zweig outlines Microsoft’s recently announced offering for telecom service providers, Operator Connect Accelerator. With the development, Ribbon is enabling Operator Connect Accelerator with their latest Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect offering. Zweig discusses how Ribbon’s SBC’s, a fifteen-year relationship with Microsoft and organizational DNA that tracks back to the dawn of telecommunications, have come together to make Ribbon a trusted and known partner for many companies as they make this migration for themselves or their clients. “There’s a sea change here and I think the service providers really see it,” says Zweig.


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