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Ribbon expands Microsoft relationship & support with New Operator Connect services offered, Podcast

April 12, 2021

Greg Zweig, Director of Solutions Marketing and Ribbon Communications speaks with Don Witt of the Channel Daly News, a TR publication about their latest addition of Operator Connect services.

Greg first goes into the state of Ribbon, but quickly turns to the core of the discussion including the relationship with Microsoft.

As a Teams customer, your connection options to the PSDN include:

  • Calling Plan – Microsoft as service provider, under 15 users
  • Direct Routing – Pick your own service provider
  • Operator Connect – Cloud to cloud connection between Microsoft & service provider. Customer selects service provider, configures user and sets up Teams users.

Listen in to find out what operator connect means to service providers, enterprises, and Microsoft Resellers. Also find out how Ribbon supports Operator Connect.  What are the best options for deploying Teams?

At Ribbon, their culture defines them. Their relentless focus on the customer, coupled with their entrepreneurial spirit, has solidified their position as one of the market-leading solutions leaders in the global telecommunications industry. Their culture’s foundation is based on their core values of innovation, imagination, execution, and ethical responsibility. These shared values provide the platform for their employees, allowing them to share a global connection while simultaneously celebrating their diversity.

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