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Shango Releases First Features of BroadWorks Integration into Service Delivery Platform

June 04, 2012
Shango Releases First Features of BroadWorks Integration into Service Delivery Platform

Austin, Texas, June 4, 2012 – Shango, an industry leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider to telecommunications operators and carriers, today announced that it has extended its Hosted PBX provisioning application to support the BroadWorks Hosted PBX/IP Centrex VoIP application from BroadSoft.
This initial integration brings added functionality for communication service providers (CSPs) using BroadWorks, and is a key step towards enabling the complete provisioning of BroadWorks IP PBX applications: supporting its video, fax, voice, and email transactions, through a unified PaaS interface from Shango.
The multi-tiered integration into the Shango platform now features the provisioning of accounts, groups and extensions for CSPs using BroadWorks, with enhanced features forthcoming to enable activation flow-through down to the BroadWorks seat-level. By utilizing an inherent multi-tenancy, CSPs will also gain the ability to simplify the process of service expansions and migrations using a single service delivery platform.
Amid ongoing R&D and a multi-phase feature release, Shango is working to meet the increasing demand for its ever-expanding platform and application ecosystem. The BroadWorks integration will give CSPs multi-level access, extending the existing infrastructure value of their next-generation 3rd party technologies, and channels, to more effectively meet the evolving needs of business and residential subscribers.
Once configured on the platform, global telcos, cable MSOs, VoIP and mobile carriers, as well as hosted UCaaS providers, ILECs, and CLECs that utilize BroadWorks VoIP applications will benefit from the full-set of integration features, including: single-set up, reusable BroadWorks PBX configuration; single-click BroadWorks enablement for service customers; the ability to show/hide BroadWorks provider on a customer-by-customer basis; utilization of batch import user extensions, including full validation during import; rollback capabilities with simple setup or teardown of provider connections. Additionally, users will be able to set up their SIP credentials as default settings.
“The Shango development team is working intently on rapidly deploying this fully-supported integration into the BroadWorks platform,” said David Walsh, President of Shango. “As with our other integrated application connectors, we’re committed to developing a viable, cost-saving solution for the BroadWorks community, featuring an integration that will be easily set up through just a few configuration parameters.”
Shango is pioneering the telco sector by bringing together TN management, activation and infrastructure integration through its PaaS offering, enabling full-scope VoIP service delivery for its customers, together with its wholesale DID and toll-free, and database services. Shango customers, both communications service- and platform providers, are also benefiting from the Shango platform’s ability to manage trading partners and pass self-service activation and provisioning capabilities to channel partners.
Faced with the challenge of managing disparate systems, telco operators and carriers are turning to the Shango platform for improving the management of licensing costs, for BroadWorks applications, as well as for open source platforms and migrations from legacy platforms, to improve profitability and serviceability. To explore existing and emerging Shango platform capabilities, visit or join Shango at the Cloud Communications Alliance meeting in San Diego this month, where it will present the simultaneous ability of its platform to manage open source platforms and BroadWorks applications.

About Shango

Shango is a Platform-as-a-Service provider that standardizes the way telecom operators access, manage and deploy legacy and next-gen 3rd party technologies. It activates network services, onboards and orchestrates next-generation cloud services, and empowers customers with their own channels toward self-sufficiency. Based in Austin, TX, its 400+ customers include Tier 1 global telcos, cable MSO’s, VoIP and mobile carriers, hosted UCaaS providers, CLECs, and applications service providers. To learn more, visit

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