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SMS is the oxygen of communication, Red Oxygen Podcast

April 21, 2023

Understanding the importance of the Campaign Register, 10dlc regulation compliance

“SMS is the most important form of communication mankind has ever known,” says Tommy Sheahan, CEO & Co-Founder of Red Oxygen. According to Sheahan, texting is the first form of communication to have ever made it possible to send a single message to over seven billion individual phones serving seven billion individuals, and to have it seen within fifteen minutes. Even previous forms of mass communication, such as radio and television, can’t match that level of mass deliver to billions of individuals. Sheahan, who has been a leader, innovator and founding business owner in the SMS field for twenty years, takes us back to the dawn of texting, how texting became standardized and how texting became the crown jewel of communication, essentially nudging aside voice and other forms of communication.

Red Oxygen is the MSP uniquely suited to handle billing and compliance along with providing excellent SMS service. We learn about the campaign registry and about the way Red Oxygen helps customers get 10dlc compliance. Sheahan discusses a set of services Red Oxygen offers, while pointing out how even the smallest businesses are at once empowered by SMS but are vulnerable to no knowing how to navigate the SMS regulatory landscape where steep fines and other severe sanctions, can occur. “Your traffic can get blocked by the carrier,” Sheahan caution noting, fees and fines can escalate. “You need a plan of action.”



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