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Tackling Robocalling, Peerless Podcast Series, Part 1 of 2

January 12, 2023

Fight is a top company priority

“We were one of the first to engage STIR/SHAKEN,” says John Barnicle, Peerless President & CEO of Peerless Network. Barnicle adds that the issue of fighting robocalling is on the top of his list as the head of Peerless. Even as Barnicle notes the rise of messaging as a key communication tool, preserving voice calling as a major communication resource, involves finding the right mix of dialing up, and dialing down countermeasures that enable legitimate traffic and block bad actors. “It is a constant battle and we do continue to invest heavily in it,” adds Barnicle. In this first of a two-part podcast series, Barnicle gives us an overview of the mitigation effort. Part 2 deals with a closer look at the technical efforts that are underway.

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