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Telecom Tax Presentation to the Cloud Communications Alliance

October 09, 2012
Telecom Tax Presentation to the Cloud Communications Alliance

TaxConnex, LLC and The CommLaw Group Deliver Telecom Tax Presentation to the Cloud Communications Alliance
Atlanta, GA – Leading telecom tax and regulatory firms, TaxConnex, and The CommLaw Group, recently presented to members of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  The presentation focused on the tax and regulatory hurdles facing Cloud Communications service providers and presented a how-to guide for managing their complexities.
CCA is comprised of industry leaders in Cloud Communications.  Members have the greatest experience, deepest technology investments, and largest customer bases in the industry.  CCA is revolutionizing the way enterprises communicate by combining personal attention, local presence, and nationwide reach with a network of proven providers.  CCA’s mission is to provide awareness of the new standard called Cloud Communications and drive its development through the pursuit of new technical standards, capabilities, and applications.
The presentation by TaxConnex and The CommLaw Group was part of an educational series which provides guidance for managing the complexities of tax and regulatory compliance. The presentation included: the evolving concept of nexus; differences between “taxes” and “fees”; determining the taxability and assessability of cloud services; registering with the Departments of Revenue and Secretaries of State; options for calculating and reporting taxes and fees; and remediation options if exposed to taxes or fees.
“We are honored to work with CCA and to present to their member community,” stated Brian Greer, TaxConnex Partner.  “Cloud communications is continuously evolving and there is an abundance of confusion in the industry related to tax and regulatory compliance.  By making this educational series available to their members, CCA is at the forefront of thought leadership.”
“One of the goals of this educational webinar is to clarify just how different taxes and regulatory fees are, and to make sure everyone walks away with the understanding that the same rules of the road do not necessarily apply to both,” stated Jonathan Marashlian from The CommLaw Group.
A complete copy of the webinar can be found here.
About TaxConnex
TaxConnex is America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm. Using a team of experienced tax and accounting professionals, TaxConnex provides sales tax outsourcing, sales tax consulting, telecom tax, and VoIP tax services to businesses of all sizes with a focus on technology companies, small and mid-sized businesses, and VoIP providers.  TaxConnex provides a complete set of highly customer intimate services including end-to-end compliance, data analysis, remittance, reporting, notice resolution, question handling, proactive suggestions, straightforward advice, and audit support.  TaxConnex is your “on-call” Sales & Use Tax Department.
About The CommLaw Group 
The CommLaw Group [LINK TO] is a full service Washington, D.C.-area law firm serving the comprehensive legal needs of the communications industry. We are experienced in all aspects of federal and state telecommunications law and regulation and represent businesses engaged in the dynamic communications and information technologies industry with virtually all of their legal needs. Unique among its peers, The CommLaw Group offers clients a scope of capabilities rarely found in boutique law firms. With a headcount rivaling the Telecom Practice Groups of most major law firms, we possess the skills, depth and resources necessary to serve the communications law needs of Fortune 100 companies, all without sacrificing the range of services and affordability which makes us the “go to” firm for new entrants and service providers of all sizes.

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