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The great rebalancing, Sinnott of Uboss sees opportunity in new emerging normal by adding value, Podcast

April 06, 2021

By now we know what a lock down looks like. But what happens when the various national health authorities finally declare it all over? According to Iain Sinnott, VP Sales at Uboss, what will transpire in the corporate culture will then be reflected in the demand’s IT departments will begin to roll out as they both accommodate and perhaps guide changes. In the process, we will define hybrid manner of considerations will be in play from human learning and creativity, the many ways to define productivity and perhaps re-learning what we mean by collaboration. Sinnott suggests a simple guide through this for the member companies of the CCA: add value. Sinnott also points out that the cloud giants have moved from the outer bits of the telecoms solar system into the center of customer’s daily lives. Differentiation, customization, helping the customer make the migrations that he either seeks or can now make, are all places for companies to get personal with their customers, listen and then use innovation toolkits such as Uboss. “Come talk to us,” says Sinnott.



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