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The PBX in a Microsoft Teams World, TeamMate Podcast

July 27, 2022

We’re selling a product but we’re really selling a partnership

“Voice is extremely relevant in a lot of businesses,” says Micah Singer, CEO of TeamMate Technology. Though new technologies have offered different ways for businesses and customers to communicate, there are many situations that require the “complex call control” afforded by a PBX. In this podcast we learn how TeamMate bridges an important gap that faces Microsoft Teams users who are looking for something or are needing something that exceeds what Teams and direct routing offers, at an out of the box level. Singer points out that of the three-hundred and twenty million users across the world, some type of PBX remains a part of the scene. TeamMate combines integration to the Microsoft Graph API, automated scripting of Microsoft PowerShell and marries it to the TeamMate Connector, a purpose-built interoperation layer that allows us to normalize communication with any SIP PBX, SIP Trunk or SMS gateway. Singer also discusses the company’s recent entrance into the Cloud Communication Alliance (CCA). Singer sees many current and potential partnerships with CCA companies, plus a chance to participate as the CCA works on industry wide issues. “We’re selling a product but we’re really selling a partnership,” says Singer.



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