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The T1 Time Bomb, TelNet Worldwide Podcast

October 04, 2021

“We need to get people to safe harbor,” says Mark Iannuzzi, President of TelNet Worldwide. In 1933, the federal government established a regulated monopoly regime that held for sixty years. Iannuzzi takes us on a tour for how almost a century of change led to the development of the T1, and its widespread installation, and now a pending set of regulatory changes that will lead to big price spikes for T1 users. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in a set of orders, has granted AT&T, Fronter, Lumen and Verizon (Incumbents) permission to cease providing wholesale access to the copper wireline network throughout the US. Moreover, the incumbents are retiring these services all together. Since the incumbents have a monopoly on the copper wire network, the prices are expected to increase at least 400% and there is no bound to how high they could go. In this podcast we learn about this “T1 time bomb” and how cloud communications companies can reach out, now, to still installed T1 users, to make the change. Iannuzzi see a great opportunity for the cloud community to reach out to new and even existing customers, to help them make the change, prevent sticker shock as T1 prices rocket to the sky, and gain entrance to organizations who are long overdue for a communications refresh.



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