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Thinking beyond STIR/SHAKEN, BICS Podcast

July 12, 2022

Deadlines. Proclamations. Discussions. Seminars and webinars and panels and great efforts. Even a rare bi-partisan agreement on the overall issue of robocalls. According to Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez of BICS, despite all of this, robocalls might have grown, however slightly, over the past few weeks and months as STIR/SHAKEN should now have begun to have an effect. In this podcast, Gonzalez takes us to a discussion that looks at the problem from beyond the confines of the current policy apparatus, and from the point of view of people dealing with this issue in the European Union. Gonzalez points out that the regulation of robocalling, and related issues, are still not harmonized. There might be legitimate calls being blocked, even while bad actors are still able to make unwelcome robocalls. “We need to find, as an ecosystem, a way to make them (the regulations) coexist, and work together,” says Gonzalez. “There has to be interoperability.” She adds that without better coordination, loopholes will arise, which will be exploited by bad actors, undermining the effort to noticeably lower the number of robocalls consumers and businesses are receiving.


Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez

About Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez
Head of Fraud Prevention, BICS
i3 Forum Fraud Workstream

Katia is Head of Fraud Prevention at BICS, a leading global wholesale carrier in the Telecom industry.

With more than 15 years of experience in the Mobile and Wholesale Telecom industry, Katia has held different positions in the Wholesale Carrier Business (i.e. trading manager, pricing manager and now Head of Fraud Operations and Services) that allow her to understand the various aspects of the business as well as its challenges.

Katia also chairs the i3 Forum Fraud WorkStream, which combines the communications expertise of over 50 telecommunication providers, representing a combined retail base of over 1.5 billion customers across 100+ countries.


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