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VozTelecom offers a solution for companies to implement telework during the alarm state

March 27, 2020
VozTelecom offers a solution for companies to implement telework during the alarm state
  • The company launches Centrex Work, a service that converts employees’ computers and mobiles into an extension of the company’s telephone switchboard.
  • Employees will be able to answer company calls and make video calls from home as if they were in the office.
  • Available in 24 hours after hiring, without permanence, portability or interventions in the clients’ offices.

March 27, 2020 – VozTelecom presents a Contingency Plan for COVID-19, launching a solution specifically designed for companies to implement telework solutions without having to request portability from their current operator, turning their employees’ computer or mobile phone into an extension of the switchboard over the phone thanks to the Centrex Work service .

In this way, companies will be able to maintain their activity by allowing employees to answer calls and make video calls from home as if they were in the office, without needing any type of installation or intervention in their facilities. This innovative service, available in just 24 hours from hire, also allows managers to remotely access the PBX in the cloud, monitor their employees’ activity in real time and even record calls.

The Centrex Work service includes the VozTelecom cloud telephone switchboard with functionalities fully adapted to business needs, in addition to the Work Start and Mobile App applications , which the user can combine according to their needs and which allow them to convert the computer or mobile phone of its employees in an extension of the switchboard.

Thus, with the Work Start application , the user can make and receive calls as if he were in the office , in addition to incorporating a set of very useful functionalities for teleworking, such as caller identification, search for e-mails in common with the interlocutor , recordings, video calls, desktop sharing or voice dialing, among others. On the other hand, the Mobile App integrates the fixed extension of the switchboard into the employee’s private mobile , so that he can make work calls from his personal device, at no cost to him and maintaining his privacy since the call shows the telephone number of the company’s fixed extension.

Likewise, the service includes, free of charge, the User Area , a switchboard management tool with which the user can manage and configure the Centrex service features with total comfort and immediately at any time and place, without need. specialized personnel.

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