New ErisTerminal ET685/ET635 SIP Color Desksets and ErisTerminal ET6 Expansion Module Incorporate Color LCD Screens and World-class Audio Powered by Snom Technology
BEAVERTON, Ore., June 12, 2018 – Today, VTech Communications, Inc. a global leader and manufacturer of SIP-based VoIP phones, introduced two new desksets and an expansion module to its award-winning ErisTerminal® product family: the ErisTerminal ET685 SIP Color Deskset, the ErisTerminal ET635 SIP Color Deskset, and the ErisTerminal ET6 Expansion Module. Cost-effective and easy to use, the new ET600 Series provides busy professionals with the necessary tools to better manage phone-based communications. Business users can easily place and receive calls; customize phone settings; manage and transfer calls; field calls handsfree; quickly add hardware; and update lines.
“The new ET600 Series incorporates a host of new features aimed at helping users manage calls quickly and efficiently,” said Chad Collins, vice president of sales, Americas, VTech Communications, Inc. “Color LCD screens and dedicated feature keys enable convenient call handling, while zero touch provisioning allows for easy installation. Additionally, audio quality for the ET600 is unparalleled thanks to the integration of world-renown Snom® audio and software.”
The ET685 color deskset is the ideal deskset system for users who manage and delegate calls on a daily basis. Featuring a 4.3-inch color LCD display that portrays 10 clear lines of information, the ET685 makes it easy for employees to handle multiple calls simultaneously and can support up to 12 SIP lines or accounts from a single setup. Six programmable feature keys, four soft keys, and 16 dedicated feature keys provide users with the ability to manage calls quickly. A second LCD screen provides access to four pages of six self-labeling feature keys with multi-color LEDs. Users can easily create custom keys for shared call appearances (SCA), busy lamp fields (BLF), speed dials, and feature codes.
Zero touch provisioning allows for easy setup, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support grants users the ability to position the ET685 anywhere that’s convenient without worrying about AC outlets or complicated wiring. Built-in Bluetooth® enables users to easily pair a favorite headset to the system for hands-free calling.
The ET635 color deskset is designed with many of the same features as the ET685, while incorporating eight self-labeling programmable feature keys that surround a 2.8-inch color LCD display. The system features multiple configurations in addition to the self-labeling programmable feature keys, such as four soft keys and 15 dedicated feature keys. An integrated proximity sensor allows the display to dynamically change the key labels when your reaches for the phone.
The ET6 Expansion Module increases the functionality for the ET685 and ET635 desksets by providing additional programmable function keys. Each ET6 offers 18 multi-color LED programmable keys beside a large 4.3-inch graphic LCD display. These buttons can easily be programmed to add features, including call parking, pickup, transfer, call forward, and speed dials. Whether in a large or small office, business users can handle calls quickly and efficiently by pairing up to three expansion modules per phone when using the USB ports in both the ET685 and ET635.
For businesses interested in an affordable entry level solution that delivers many of the same capabilities, the VTech ET605 SIP deskset features two programmable keys, two SIP account support, and a monochrome LCD display. An additional deskset, the ET617, will soon be available in the second half of 2018, featuring four programmable keys, four SIP account support, GigE, and a 2.8-inch color LCD display.
The ET600 Series comes with a three-year standard warranty with advanced product replacement.
The ErisTerminal ET685 and ET635 includes:
• Advanced call handling
• Zero touch provisioning
• Second screen programmable keys (ET685 only)
• Self-labeling programmable keys (ET635 only)
• Proximity sensor (ET635 only)
• Bluetooth connectivity for headsets (ET685 only)
• Connectivity options
• Advanced connectivity with USB
• Sensor hook switch
• Full-duplex speakerphone
• HD voice quality
• HD voice quality with Opus support (ET635 only)
• Secure communication
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Three-year warranty
The ErisTerminal ET6 includes:
• 18 multi-color LED keys
• Large 4.3-inch graphic LCD
• Plug and Play
• Pair up to three modules
• Matched mounting
• Three-year warranty
MSRP: $219 (ET635); $269 (ET685); $137 (ET6); $65 (ET605)
For more information on VTech® and the VTech ErisTerminal ET600 Series, please visit

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