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“Whitepaper: The emergence of Automation and AI for Customer Service”, Podcast

September 27, 2023

Enreach applies Automation and AI in new places, legacy spaces, agent augmenting instead of replacing human contact

“Right now, it’s really about agent augmentation, it’s not about replacing agents, and saving money that way,” says Blair Pleasant, President, and Principal Analyst, COMMfusion. “It’s really about giving the agents the tools they need to help customers.” In this podcast, Pleasant is joined by Anne Bakker, Head of Enreach AI, Enreach, as we explore how Enreach has been opening new areas of opportunity for the channel by finding practical applications of automation and AI for customer service. Recently, Pleasant authored a white paper, “The emergence of Automation and AI for Customer Service”.  Pleasant discusses her findings and what they mean for the customer service technology industry.

“We feel that this technology trend is really at a pivotal point,” says Bakker. “This is a point where it shows value, not just for the enterprise, but for the smaller companies where I think they can really benefit from these technologies.” In the white paper, Pleasant’s research found that an estimated 18 to 23 percent of all customer service requests will be handled through conversational AI by the end of 2023, growing up to 28 percent by the end of 2024. Meanwhile, platforms such as WhatsApp are becoming ubiquitous for consumers and even as platforms of commerce. Bakker and Pleasant discuss how these technologies and platforms can come together to seamlessly enable small businesses such as restaurants, health care practices, and even legacy industries such as taxicab companies, offer better customer experiences, and even find ways to expand their services while controlling costs. We learn about how Enreach helped a taxi company offer Uber like functionality and access, possibly to a new set of customers.

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