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du Selects GENBAND’s NFV Session Border Controller (SBC) for High Scale Interconnect Applications, a First in the Middle East

Barcelona, Spain, Feb 28, 2017 – GENBAND, a leading provider of real time communications solutions, today announced that UAE-based telecommunications service provider du has selected GENBAND’s Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Session Border Controller (SBC) to provide industry-leading interconnect applications, enabling seamless connectivity between disparate communications networks, a first time in the Middle East. The geo-distributed Virtual Network Function (VNF) SBC running in du’s cloud will combine with GENBAND’s Advanced Media Software (AMS) on the Q50 platform in a hybrid deployment environment, offering the service provider high network resiliency and the opportunity to future-proof its network via a seamless evolution path to a fully virtualized cloud environment.

GENBAND’s SBC VNF, a key component of GENBAND’s NFV software technology, utilizes the latest Intel architecture and software-based media processing capabilities to provide du with advanced independently scalable signaling and media processing functionality. GENBAND’s SBC VNF enables an industry-leading 200K concurrent media sessions and more than 100K transcoded sessions. This capacity can be shared across multiple distributed appliance-based or NFV-based virtual signaling SBC instances – a unique capability enabling operators to achieve significant cost savings and an easier migration path to NFV cloud environments.

“GENBAND’s innovative architecture not only provides us with the flexibility to transition to the NFV cloud at our own pace, but offers superior interconnect, media and transcoding capabilities,” said Saleem AlBlooshi, Executive Vice President – Infrastructure & Technology, du. “GENBAND is an emphatic choice based on our demanding requirements. Deploying the GENBAND Interconnect SBC in a cloud environment gives du significant advantages because of the ease and speed by which virtual instantiations of an SBC can be deployed. This provides elasticity – the ability to have on-demand instantiation of a virtual SBC to match dynamic traffic demands. Elasticity gives du much greater flexibility in how to meet dynamic traffic demands. We are embarking on major transformation towards virtual converged IT/Telecom cloud hosted in our data centers. This transformation will helps us reduce costs, virtualize our networks beyond hardware limitations, automate our services, and deliver agility and flexibility.”

“Our NFV SBC provides du with a revolutionary architecture that meets their current interconnect demands and seamlessly addresses the ever increasing need for scale,” said Paul Miller, Chief Technology Officer for Networks, GENBAND. “Our NFV solutions allow forward thinking service providers like du to optimize their networks for cost and traffic in a very efficient manner and effortlessly evolve as their network and market demands change.”

GENBAND’s solution also offers fully virtualized software-based centralized element management and analytics, offering du cutting-edge data collection and reporting.

Key Takeaways:

  • du has selected GENBAND’s NFV Session Border Controller and in-network Advanced Media Software (AMS) for high scale interconnect and advance media scaling and transcoding capabilities.
  • The AMS solution also enables the service provider to migrate the media processing and transcoding to the NFV cloud as a fully elastically scalable VNF.
  • The GENBAND NFV SBC and geo-resilient Q50 will run in a hybrid environment, offering du high network resiliency and a seamless migration path to a full NFV cloud environment.
  • Following a comprehensive due diligence process du selected GENBAND’s SBC because of its market-leading performance and its ability to meet the company’s demanding requirements.
  • GENBAND’s comprehensive solution also comes with fully virtualized software-based centralized element management and analytics, offering du cutting-edge data collection and reporting. View this short video to learn more about the numerous benefits of the Q50 Advanced Media Software.

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