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‘SmartDiscover’ From CTI Group Enables Telecom Operators to Interpret Customer Data Fast and Easy

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. (OTC:CTIG), a global provider of carrier-grade software solutions and services which empower organizations through communication analytics, today announced details of their ‘SmartDiscover’ solution which is designed to help Telecom Operators quickly and easily distil business intelligence from customer data obtained from multiple data sources, principally billing systems and CRM.

Most Telco Service providers already use a wide range of management information systems which consolidate their customer data, however most of these systems require a great deal of time and effort, as well as the services of a skilled data scientist to unravel customer insights. SmartDiscover is a web based platform designed to empower key business decision makers throughout an organization (Finance Directors, Sales Directors, Account Managers and Product and Marketing Directors) to quickly and easily collate, evaluate and action those insights – without the need for each of them to develop the skillsets of a data scientist.

Trevor Davis, Head of Products at CTI Group comments, “There is a great deal of discussion around the need for organizations to analyse their ‘Big Data’, when in fact they could be gaining a key strategic advantage from looking closely at smaller data sets which are more relevant.  SmartDiscover is not designed to be a big data solution – it focuses on ‘skinny data’ using filtering intelligence to remove irrelevant data and then summarized results that are both relevant and timely. SmartDiscover does this across multiple data sources such as contact centre, billing and CRM data, thus enabling operators to quickly and easily identify strongly and weakly performing asset classes, thereby enabling strategic business decisions to be made based on pertinent and current information.”

Rik Turner, a Senior Analyst at Ovum says, “Anyone seeking to harness the power of Big Data often faces the needle-in-a –haystack scenario of getting to the desired business insight within the appropriate timeframe. There is clearly a need in the market for technology that not only enables companies to analyse Big Data, but also helps them discard data that isn’t germane to what they’re researching and home in more quickly on what’s relevant.”

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