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Speakup supports referendum on the draft law.

The tow law

We have heard a lot about this in the past period, the Sleep Act. A law that has great consequences for companies, but certainly for the individual. The Sleep Act is a law that greatly influences privacy. The renewed Intelligence and Security Act provides permission for the expansion of the resources that the services (AIVD and MIVD) may use.

The biggest changes are:

1. A so-called “sleepnet” may be used to listen massively online communications, including non-suspect citizens. For example, a whole neighborhood can be eavesdropped when a suspicious person lives in.

2. All automated devices may be hacked. Think about your phone, computer, or smart TV.

3. A secret DNA database can be created where everyone can come in.

4. Collected data may be shared with foreign intelligence services, without having previously analyzed.

Bodies such as the State Council, the Scientific Council for Government Policy, the Dutch Association of Journalists and several scientists have expressed concern about this law. The law was adopted by the First Chamber on July 11th.

Request referendum on the tow law

In the meantime, a website has been set up to make the application for a referendum easier and, above all, realized. This initiative has arisen as there are many negative feelings about this law among the Dutch. The trafficking act has such a major impact on the freedom of citizens, and therefore they should not be accepted without a referendum. However, as citizens, we need to get the referendum ourselves from the ground up. Because, for a successful application, 300,000 signatures must be collected before October 16th.

Speakup is aware of the consequences for our privacy and supports the referendum on the sleep laws.
We invite you to sign the petition here , which also allows you to vote for a referendum on a referendum.
Privacy is a human right. You also express your opinion on this.

Additional information about the Sleep Act? 
– The whole law  can  be found here.
– For a more detailed argument about the law, you can also look here , for example .

Also read our previously written article about this: ‘ New Intelligence and Security Services Act ‘
‘It seems to us as a company, as an employee and as a citizen, a particularly bad idea that the government can look so close to us. We call with Voys other telecom and internet companies to disagree and investigate how we can limit the impact of this law. “

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