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Green Cloud Technologies Moves Local Ministry to the Cloud

November 13, 2012
Green Cloud Technologies Moves Local Ministry to the Cloud

Greenville, SCNovember 13, 2012– Tabernacle Ministries, a fully-operational ministry, and home of the oldest independent Christian School in South Carolina, appointed Greenville-based Green Cloud Technologies to provide virtual servers, virtual PBX phone systems and network services to the Ministry’s IT operations.
Tabernacle Ministries, faced with costly capital expenses to manage and maintain their aging servers and telephone systems, found Green Cloud’s portfolio of solutions to be the perfect fit.   Green Cloud’s products eliminate the need to purchase server or telephone hardware, software and maintenance resources, lowering capital and operational expenses.  “Green Cloud’s products are more dependable and cost effective than traditional products,” said Jerry Nalley, Finance Manager at Tabernacle Ministries.  “For a reasonable monthly operating expense, we have access to state-of-the-art datacenters and new, reliable telephone systems for our entire campus.”
Green Cloud installed more than 80 Virtual PBX, or cloud-based, business telephones and two Virtual Servers at Tabernacle’s 50 acre campus.  “We still have 13 servers on campus and as those age or become obsolete, we will begin transitioning those to the cloud as well,” said Nalley.  “The reliability and security of Green Cloud’s products is superior to what other companies are selling.”
“This is a common scenario where a growing organization cannot secure and manage its computer infrastructure as efficiently as a specialized Cloud-provider, like Green Cloud,” said Charles Houser, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Green Cloud Technologies.  “With two datacenters over 200 miles apart, we can provide the redundancy, reliability and 100% uptime guarantee that organizations like Tabernacle rely on.”
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