Symposia Helps Providers Save the Conversation With Cloud Based Solutions

December 08, 2011
Symposia Helps Providers Save the Conversation With Cloud Based Solutions

HarQen’s white label solution allows telecoms and collaboration service providers to employ  game-changing new technology—and integration with enterprise systems—to capture the value otherwise lost in business conference calls
MILWAUKEE, DECEMBER 8, 2011HarQen, Inc., whose products unlock the value of the human voice in business conversations, today announced the immediate availability of HarQen Symposia to deliver the conference call of the future. With Symposia, business conversations are no longer just about listening; communications can now be captured, shared, enriched, searched, and analyzed—all of which makes insights actionable.
HarQen’s Jeff Fitzsimmons, co-founder and VP of product development, will debut Symposia and speak today at GigaOM’s Net:Work conference in San Francisco.
Symposia is a cloud-based collaboration offering that dynamically transforms any conversation into an interactive synopsis that lives long after the conference call, meeting, webinar or presentation has ended. Symposia’s hosted voice management platform and API enables the configuration and deployment of enterprise grade, white-label solutions, making Symposia compatible with applications and business environments such as collaboration and telecom service providers,, SAP, and Oracle.
With Symposia, conversations are forever accessible, interactive, and useful for specific business purposes in the proper business context. Customer communication can be conducted and accessed in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications and job candidates can be interviewed and archived right in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) environment. In addition, Symposia provides an in-depth set of analytics that enable businesses to gain critical insights into their performance.
“Symposia lets communication services deliver an entirely new level of value for their customers,” said Fitzsimmons. “Why are we sending our top resources into meetings to share their valuable ideas and then throwing them all away when the meetings are over?”
Because Symposia collaborative notes and collective feedback on calls, events and meetings, can be navigated, analyzed and shared with individuals or groups (even those unable to participate), the most relevant audio snippets that capture the essence or details of any insights can be gained without having to listen to the entire session recording.  Symposia lets users pluck back the few minutes that really matter. For example, participants can quickly review detailed information about a follow-up item discussed in a meeting. A VP can review the conversation around the specific slides that matter to her in a presentation that she missed, and the moments where customer support resolves a tricky customer issue can be shared with the entire support team. And this value can be realized globally.
“Since we focus mainly on collaboration and activity-based organizations, Symposia is equally valuable in any language,” said Fitzsimmons. “There is a tremendous amount of business intelligence and huge competitive advantage to be gained by capturing and organizing these important conversations that happen every day.”
“There were over 45 billion minutes of conference calls through more three dozen different conference service bureaus in North America in 2010, with minutes growing at about 8 percent per year,” according to Elliot Gold of TeleSpan Publishing Corporation, which has tracked the conference call industry for over 30 years.

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