What Is Cloud Communications?

A key business technology defined by the Cloud Communications Alliance experts.

The cloud gives enterprises more
powerful communication solutions that…

Drive employee Productivity & Satisfaction

  • 83% of workers say that a remote-work opportunity would make them feel happier at their job.1 Cloud communications solutions enable remote work.
  • 45% of companies will advance video conferencing and video collaboration to enable better flexible working.2

Provide scalable communication

  • Cloud communications solutions can grow and adapt to your needs.
  • Adding or removing users is simple and doesn’t require hardware purchases or installation.

Offer flexibility

  • 31% of companies leverage UCaaS to shed technical debt from legacy systems and processes.3
  • Cloud communications gives enterprises the ability to offer flexible remote and hybrid work arrangements.

Reduce operational & capital costs

  • 83% of CFOs plan to scale back CapEx.2
  • 75% of finance leaders are planning for a more agile business environment4 – made possible by cloud communications.

Who Is The Cloud Communication Alliance?

The Cloud Communications Alliance is a peer association dedicated to the growth of the industry. We represent the voice of the industry and provide the forum that industry leaders need to discuss key topics and advance their mutual or individual goals.

We move the industry forward by supporting and educating businesses on the best ways to build, sell, and scale their enterprise communications systems.

We help our members build relationships with top experts in the cloud.
We discover and share market trends happening around the globe.
We give members access to a powerful peer network.

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