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API 2.0 creates a tapestry of solutions for partners to sell, Crexendo Podcast

October 24, 2023

“Nobody is one size fits all,” says Scott Goodwin, SVP International Market Development Automation. In this special podcast recorded at the Crexendo NetSapiens Platform User Group Meeting, Scott headlines the organization’s API 2.0 which Crexendo sees as key strategic asset in enabling partners to avoid the danger of commoditization. Scott describes 2.0 as a place where a “tapestry” of solutions can be developed and customized. This, and the broad base of various technology partners Crexendo is assembling, means that partners have a larger portfolio and refreshed set of ideas that they can present to customers.

Scott connects the creativity involved in API 2.0 to the company’s wider story of enabling partners to maintain and grow their own brand. Reflecting on his efforts to build Crexendo in markets around the world, he tells us that API 2.0 is part of a larger story of how Crexendo see’s partners shaping solutions and messages in their own, respective, image. “We don’t have an opportunity problem,” says Scott. In addition to organizations deciding to make Crexendo their primary platform offering, we hear that many companies have taken on Crexendo as Plan B, as some of their original or legacy partners change their service or pricing models.  “We play well in all markets.”


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