Infracast uses Voxeo’s Cloud-Based Services for Outbound Messaging

Reading, UK and Cologne, Germany, January 19, 2012 - Voxeo, the leading provider of Unlocked Communications™ solutions, and Infracast, a specialist in corporate use of technologies, today announced that the companies signed a partner agreement where Infracast is using Voxeo’s secure on-demand cloud-based facilities to provide outbound messaging as part of their Enterprise Message Exchange (EMX). EMX is a hosted, web-based application that supports high volume SMS, voice, email and social media, as well as fax interactions from businesses to their customers and staff.
Infracast has already extended their SMS and email messaging services by including voice-based services powered by Voxeo, to provide companies and customers multi-channel messaging capabilities.
“We are very impressed with the range of services and solutions that Voxeo provides,” states David Angers, CTO at Infracast. “Voxeo made it very easy for us to integrate voice messaging into our platform. Voxeo has a proven track record of reliable service delivery and excellent 24/7 support. We are excited to work with Voxeo as a strategic partner moving forward.” It was important for Infracast to integrate outbound voice capabilities into their core platform today while providing the building blocks to create more complex interactive, multi-channel messaging solutions in the future. Hence, Voxeo was a perfect partner to fulfill these requirements.
The first voice-enabled services that Infracast delivered were for customer care within the areas of retail, manufacturing and distribution. Additional services based on Voxeo’s on-demand technology include a multi-channel solution for customers within financial services. Businesses benefit from the ability to provide access to information and services that fit into customers’ preferences. With services based on this technology, customers can choose their preferred interaction channel such as SMS, voice, email or social media, wherever they are and whenever they need it.
Voxeo is a leading provider of services and solutions that improve the customer experience, create customer retention and reduce agent churn.
“Using Voxeo’s technology enables Infracast to deliver proven multi-channel applications that address the end customers’ needs,” states Paul Thomas, VP Sales EMEA for Voxeo. “Voxeo’s technology in the hosted cloud gives Infracast the flexibility they need to react quickly on requests to extend the service and high call volumes. Infracast is able to provide services through their existing platform, within their existing and well-known commercial framework,” he added.,, or

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