RingCentral Cloud Touch Platform Reimagines Business Phone Systems

First and Only System That Can Be Set Up, Managed and Accessed From Smartphones and Tablets
SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2012) - RingCentral, Inc. today launched the RingCentral cloud touch platform, the first and only phone system that enables businesses to setup, manage and use their phone system from smart mobile devices. It's the first phone system that allows businesses to turn any smart device into a smart business phone, and turn any location -- even the beach -- into an office.
"Employees are no longer tied to the office, and they shouldn't be tied to the old office phone system either," said Lynda Stadtmueller, director of cloud computing services at Stratecast|Frost & Sullivan. "RingCentral's cloud touch platform enables businesses to improve productivity by extending communications functionality to the places and devices from which employees are conducting business."
RingCentral's platform reimagines business phone systems, eliminating the barriers of on-premise PBX systems and empowering businesses like never before. Businesses, IT administrators and even end-users are able to make their business phone system work the way they do. Regardless of device or location, users can control their settings, access voice and fax messages and even add new users from anywhere.
"RingCentral enables me to manage the office phone system from anywhere and also enables our employees to self-manage their phone settings remotely from wherever they are," said Sam McGue, office manager of Gigwalk.
The new platform includes three key components:

  • RingCentral Touch - The first and only fully touch-powered platform for phone systems, enabling full management capabilities from any tablet or smartphone. Intuitive customizable settings for administrators and users provide unmatched flexibility and control.
  • RingCentral Presence - The ability to see if an employee is on the phone has gone beyond desk phones to now include mobile devices, truly integrating mobile users and improving productivity.
  • RingCentral Connect - RingCentral integrates with Dropbox, Box and Google Docs, enabling customers to fax documents stored in their favorite cloud application, directly from their RingCentral service.

"Trends like workforce mobility and the consumerization of IT continue to have profound effects on the way today's businesses operate," said Vlad Shmunis, co-founder and CEO, RingCentral. "The RingCentral cloud touch platform extends the power of the cloud like never before. Our mission is to tear down the barriers of accessibility, usability and costs -- leveling the playing field for every business of any size with a simple, all-inclusive cloud business phone system."
The benefits of the RingCentral platform touch an entire organization:

  • Provides companies with location and device independence: Businesses get the advantage of connecting multiple locations under a single phone system. It also enables companies to let employees use their own smartphones as business phones connected to the system.
  • Empowers phone system administrators with freedom and control: Cloud touch-enabled mobile apps allow administrators to instantly update the company's phone system by adding employees, activating new phone numbers and setting call handling rules using mobile devices from any location.
  • Empowers employees with freedom and flexibility: End-users are able to change their personal preferences for how calls are handled, call screening, voicemail as well as to specify devices they want to use as their primary business phone. End-users can truly work from anywhere, using smart mobile devices as their business phone.
  • Eliminates the need for technical skills: The platform delivers a uniquely designed user interface and eliminates the need for PBX hardware, enabling non-technical administrators and users to set up, manage and use RingCentral with just taps on a screen. There's no technical expertise required.

To learn more about RingCentral visit www.ringcentral.com.

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