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Crexendo CEO offers hands on leadership, personal touch to fast growing platform, Podcast

October 23, 2023

“They tell us what they need, and we listen.”

“The excitement is palpable,” says Jeff Korn, CEO of Crexendo. Recorded at this week’s Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform User Group Meeting, Korn provides a brief update on the company’s rising footprint in the space. With 3.5 million users, and the third largest platform, Crexendo has been making incursions into the previously dominant players in the space. “You can call me,” says Korn, offering a hands-on, personal approach to licensee and customer care. In an era when it’s often difficult to get basic direct support from some vendors, Korn pledges to be available when needed, noting that this is part of a larger approach to offer personal attention in an environment where some of the competing platforms, in Korn’s view, have made things more challenging for their respective partners.

Crexendo CEO offers hands on leadership

“They tell us what they need, and we listen.” Korn points to the new API 2.0 which enables partners to better build customized solutions to their customer’s needs, or as Korn says, “…put their own touches to the platform.” The development of 2.0 was in direct response to requests from partners, which Korn and his team heard, and then directed resources to build,  in order to meet that specific demand. We learn about the event’s Codefest, where attendees can both teach and learn from each other, an approach that Korn believes helps deliver better outcomes at the customer level. “We’re a service-oriented company.”



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