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Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform Winning Share, Growing Fast, in the Service Provider Market, Podcast

October 23, 2023

Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform Winning Share, Growing Fast, in the Service Provider Market, Podcast: Crexendo Partner Growth Outpaces Industry Growth

Crexendo’s President, and COO, Doug Gaylor, says that Crexendo now serve over 220 licensees and has been adding at a pace of 18 new logos, in 2022 and again in 2023. That’s made Crexendo’s NetSapiens platform the third largest and the fasted growing in the massive US domestic market. In this podcast, recorded at the Crexendo #UGM23, Doug is joined by Jon Brinton, Crexendo’s CRO. We learn that as Cisco and Microsoft raised prices, Crexendo gained share, partners and enterprise customers over the course of the years since Crexendo and NetSapiens came together. “As they ignore their customer base, we’ve been getting knocks on the door,” says Doug. The growth has been documented by independent third-party analysts and was visible in the event held this past week in Scottsdale.

Branding: Crexendo Partner Growth Outpaces Industry Growth

Other available platforms seem to have been moving away from enabling partners to brand their services. Doug discusses what he describes as, “a more overt move to WebEx and WebEx calling, with the Cisco brand on it. With our solution its 100% brandable to the customer.” Doug notes that Crexendo serves 3.5 million users around the world all the while enabling their partners to own their customer relationships, develop their own brands and with API 2.0, be able to customize experiences and services to customer needs. Jon notes that most Crexendo licensees are growing faster than the industry is growing. Doug notes that Crexendo is now gaining ground in the international market. Crexendo’s typical licensee is a company that has migrated from a different platform, attracted by the per-use model, and the brand development opportunities.

UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, CX and ease of application

Jon updates us on Crexendo’s commitment to develop new CCaaS and CX experiences and options and we learn how Crexendo is committed to making CPaaS an engine for further partner growth. Crexendo is also taking the approach of creating a large community of ecosystem solution partners who can give licensees a large portfolio of connected technologies to sell.


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