June 19th- 21st, 2024 | Estoril, Portugal

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Connect with a global network of cloud comms experts shaping the future of the industry and gain insights that only this exclusive event can provide.

Exclusive Industry Insights

  • Gain insights into major trends and advancements in cloud communications technology.
  • Enjoy networking at the C-level and VP-level with potential partners, clients, analysts, investors, and collaborators.
  • Learn how to drive innovation, efficiency, and organizational success for your business.


The CCA Summit Experience

  • Engage more dynamically in discussions that encourage audience participation.
  • Connect with an unprecedented number of analysts and financial investors.
  • Soak up the sun at our exquisite venue on the ocean shores of Cascais, Portugal.

European Summit 2024

CCA European Summit
Clark Peterson
Clark has been successful in building national and global businesses in the software, wireline, wireless, Voice, Data, and Cloud industries and part of successful IPO's with three worldwide businesses.
Joe Marion
Focusing on helping technology resellers, communications, service providers and ITAD firms learn, grow and network with each other, worldwide.
Bertrand Pourcelot
Enreach for Service Providers
Bertrand has more than 10 years experience in software development within mission-critical environments such as Space and Defense, and 23 years experience in the Hosted VoIP and Cloud Communication sector, where he led the strategy and development of the Istra platform (now Enreach UP) at Centile before it was acquired by Enreach in 2018.
Dave Michels
Lead Analyst
Dave is a passionate advocate for enterprise communications, specializing in industry analysis, end-user strategy, procurement, and overall business communications.
Jamie Hll
Global Head of UCaaS
Jamie has over 24 years of experience in the UC and Collaboration industry and currently leads the global UCaaS practice at Zoom. Having spent 20 years at Cisco, and 4 years at Zoom, Jamie is passionate about technology and dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the field of Unified Communications.
Jason Gilligan
Head of Zoom Strategic Business Development
Currently, Jason serves as the Head of Strategic Business Development at Zoom. Prior to his role at Zoom, he was a Global Partner Executive at DXC Technology, and for nearly twenty years, he held various roles within Sales and Engineering at BT (British Telecom).
Juan Cacace
Access Partnership
Director, Government Affairs
Juan engages with governments at the national, regional and international levels in the fields of digital technology and telecommunications regulations. He leads a Team that obtains regulatory market access for new digital technologies worldwide, by helping companies to comply with regulations as well as to obtain licenses and permits for their products and services.
Lee Essex
Tango Networks
SVP Global Sales and Marketing
Lee reflects on a two-decade Telecom career that has seen him leading both Sales and Product teams. Lee is a long-term thinker and is committed to cultivating enduring partnerships that are based around the use of innovative technology as tools for problem-solving approaches for customers.
Lee Turner
Head of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs
Mark Herbert
Head of Partner Innovation
Matt Townend
Cavell Group
Matthew has always been involved in emerging technology markets, from the start of his career when he launched the first magazine about internet & then worked for the first major provider PIPEX, to more recently where he is seen as one of the thought leaders in the IP Comms and Cloud Communications Market.
Philippe Millet
i3 Forum
Philippe is the Founder and Chair of the i3Forum, an organization of the international communications industry that he created in 2008 to foster collaboration in the ecosystem. He also led the creation of One Consortium to restore trust in international communications, in 2024, and sits on the Leardership Council of that new organization.
Tonny Siemons
Business Development Cloud IT
More then 20 years Tonny was involved in the start up of companies always with a link to technology and finance. Innovation and business development give him a lot of energy and helps him wake up in the morning. Tonny is obsessed by how cloud technology will change our way of doing business.
Xavi Casajoana
Gamma Comunicaciones
Managing Director
In February 2003, Xavi co-founded VozTelecom, and as General Manager, he led the team, product, and market development, taking the company public in 2016 (MAB). In April 2020, the company became a 100% subsidiary of Gamma Communications, and he has continued in the role of Country Manager for Spain to the present day.
Join us in Estoril, Portugal!
June 19, 2024

Day One

Welcome Dinner
Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Atlantic Room
June 20, 2024

Day Two


Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel /Europa Room

Welcome and Overview!

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

AI in Communications: Redefining Connections

This session delves into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on communication. Participants explore how AI technologies are revolutionizing various aspects of communication, from chatbots to natural language processing, and how organizations can leverage these advancements to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations.

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Cloud Service Provider Trends

This session explores the latest developments in messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Participants discuss emerging trends shaping the future of communication technology.

Moderator: Dave Michels

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Top Analysts Forecasts on Leading Trends Shaping our Industry's Future

Participants gain insights from top analysts into the latest market trends shaping the communication industry. From emerging technologies to shifting consumer behaviors, this session provides valuable perspectives to help organizations adapt their strategies and stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic marketplace.

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Feast & Exchange: Networking Over Lunch

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Europa Room

EuroComms Economics: Mapping Financial Landscapes

Focused on the financial landscape of the European communications industry, this session offers an analysis of key economic indicators, regulatory developments, and investment trends. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing the industry's financial health and explore opportunities for growth and innovation.

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Cloud Communication's Role in Shaping Mobility

This session focuses on the transformative role of mobile phones in communication. Topics include mobile communication trends, such as messaging apps, mobile internet usage patterns, and the impact of smartphones on consumer behavior and business strategies.

Moderator: Dave Michels

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Afternoon in Cascais
7:30pm - 10:30pm
Dining Dialogue: Evening of Connection and Conversation
Location: TBA
June 21, 2024

Day Three

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Europa Room
The Platform Dilemna: Build, Buy, Resell, and How to Harness the Latest Platform Options to Drive Revenue Most Efficiently

Hear from the top platform providers like Cisco, Microsoft, (European platform), to understand the options of using their platforms to keep up with the speed of change in the market vs building and maintaining your own platform.

Moderator: Matt Townend

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Inside Microsoft: Powering Communication Platforms

This session provides an inside look into the Microsoft ecosystem and its impact on communication platforms. Participants learn about Microsoft's suite of products and services, including Teams, Azure, and Dynamics 365, and how they are empowering organizations to collaborate more effectively and deliver innovative communication solutions.

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Building Trust: The Backbone of the Effective Communication

Addressing the crucial element of trust in digital communication networks, this session examines strategies for building and maintaining trust among users and stakeholders.

Moderator: Joe Marion

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Park Suite

Networking Luncheon: Opportunities Over Lunch

Location: Palácio Estoril Hotel / Europa Room

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— Dean Manzoori

CCA Board Member & CEO of UniVoIP

I have been to many CCA events and gained invaluable insights from leading experts and forged lifelong professional connections. Their events are engaging, educational and helped me evolve in the world of cloud communications.

— Alan Rihm

CCA Board Member & CEO of Fall Forward

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