Asigra Introduces Cloud Backup Installation and Configuration Services (ICS) to Speed Deployments

Professional Services Offering to Simplify Cloud-Based Data Recovery Deployments for Enterprises and Service Providers TORONTO – November 12, 2013 - Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986, today announced world-class installation and configuration support to help service providers and the enterprises they serve to deploy Asigra Cloud Backup™ quickly and with minimal IT impact. The tiered professional service allows customers to select from basic setup to full deployment of all Asigra software suite components to ensure end-to-end data recovery services and solution enablement The Asigra Installation and Configuration Services (ICS) team complements partner/user IT resources with highly trained professionals who are available to help enterprises and service providers increase the efficiency and optimization of their backup environments. With experienced engineering and development service professionals focused on helping organizations overcome hardware/software installation and configuration complexities, Asigra ICS customers are able to more quickly realize their backup infrastructure objectives. The Asigra Professional Services Suite provides flexibility in how the company supports its partners. Customers or partners may choose from one of Asigra’s standard offerings or select a fully customized service based on an hourly rate. Below are key selections from the Professional Services Suite: Design Service: Asigra’s Design Service is suited to service providers who need assistance with the design of a new installation or need to redesign an existing installation. Working closely with the service provider, Asigra Professional Services will design a solution to meet the business requirements to ensure stability, redundancy and performance, within the parameters of the requirements. Upgrade/Migration Platform Service: Asigra’s Platform Migration Service option offers the capability to quickly and efficiently migrate from a Windows platform to a Linux platform or vice-versa. This service is ideal for customers that wish to expand their current infrastructure to accommodate greater business demands or who are using an older version of software that needs to be upgraded. Health Check Service: Asigra’s Health Check Service is designed for those customers who are concerned they are not maximizing their backup solution. The service provides 3 days of onsite Asigra architectural and environmental review culminating in a report outlining recommendations to meet strategic backup requirements. Architecture Configuration Service: Asigra’s Architecture Configuration Service option is designed to assist customers that have Asigra software which needs to be configured into a grid or cluster configuration. Upon completion, computing performance will be improved with tasks being distributed across multiple nodes, allowing more data to be processed quicker, thereby shortening the backup window. The service is especially useful in ensuring that the architecture supporting Asigra is in a High Availability (HA) configuration for greater business continuity and confidence. RFP Proposal Creation/Review Service: For those service providers who need Asigra’s assistance with the Asigra portion of their proposal response to an RFP, Asigra offers the RFP Proposal Creation/Review Service.  The level of engagement is determined by the service provider, from “Review” to “Creation” of the Asigra portion of the proposal. Managed POC Service: For those service providers who may have a gap in resource or skill set, to carry out a proof of concept, Asigra offers the Managed POC Service.  While the service provider remains engaged at all times, Asigra Professional Services will be the lead technical resource in the POC and manage the POC to the specifications of the test plan outlined by the end user. Custom Report Creation Service: Having visibility of the correct reporting data in a format that fits user requirements is critical for monitoring. Asigra’s custom report creation option leverages senior-level engineers and developers to assist in developing a database script that generates consistent reports with the same user-defined parameters as required. API Custom Integration: In order to improve business processes, operational efficiencies and easier integration between Web services and applications, Asigra assists with the development of custom APIs for integration with existing user application(s). In this level of support, Asigra configures and tweaks “Out-of-the-Box” APIs to enable interoperability. The Asigra ICS portfolio is tiered into three service options with selections based on the volume and class of capabilities to be installed and configured*. These include: Bronze: New Vault Setup & Basic Configuration – DS-System, billing, Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) and Autonomic Healing setup. Silver: New Vault Setup & Basic Configuration – DS-System, billing & BLM, Autonomic Healing, creation & configuration of 3 backup sets & retention rules, schedules + install & configure the NOC (DS-System, License Server, DS-Billing Server and BLM Archiver). Gold: New Vault Setup & Basic Configuration – DS-System, billing & BLM, Autonomic Healing, creation & configuration of 3 backup sets & retention rules, schedules + install & configure the NOC (DS-System, License Server, DS-Billing Server, BLM Archiver) + environment optimization (Advance parameters of the DS-Clients, DS-System, NOC, BLM Archiver, Billing Server and Performance Tuning) LAN storage discovery and Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) setup. "The IT landscape and organizational requirements differ substantially from one enterprise to the next as does the complexity of certain environments," said Bruce Hall, Director of Managed Services, Daymark Solutions Inc. "Asigra Professional Services provides assurance in knowing that regardless of the deployment scenario, they can configure or customize the environment for ease of management, proving rapid return on investment and validating Asigra’s value beyond software.” “The professional services suite allows us to better support our customers and partners by providing engineer- and developer-driven guidance to ensure that new or enhanced installations are calibrated to their specific needs,” said Stephen Lee, Vice President, Technical Services, Asigra. “Asigra Professional Services speeds time-to-revenue for service providers while expediting business continuity for the enterprise customers they serve, expediting the financial and operational advantages of cloud-based data recovery.” Pricing and Availability Asigra Professional Services are available immediately with pricing based on the options selected. To learn more about Asigra, visit: Email: Follow Asigra on Twitter at:
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