Crosspeer Cloud delivers the Real Time Web with IP Videocom

A Scalable Standards-based WebRTC Platform Crosspeer is advancing its Communications Cloud Initiative with IP Videocom, a full-featured, scalable standards-based WebRTC platform enabling Web developers to quickly build and deploy Real Time Web applications. WebRTC, an open source project led by Google, Mozilla and Opera that began a few years ago is soon to become the next Internet communications standard.  WebRTC is an open framework which offers developers the ability to build rich, real-time multimedia applications on the web without the need for users to download software or install plugins.  The principal goal of WebRTC is to enable real-time browser-to-browser communications across multiple device types.  The IP Videocom platform provided by Crosspeer Cloud was developed by a dedicated team of experts in the field of IP communications, who pioneered the use of SIP and other real time communications protocols for the Internet. “WebRTC has emerged as a potentially disruptive communication technology,” said Salvador Diaz-Verson, CEO of Crosspeer.   “Web applications can now leverage popular browsers to make real-time voice and video connections to other WebRTC devices.  Using the IP Videocom platform developers can enable WebRTC apps to connect peer-to-peer, to traditional VoIP, to mobile devices and even to land-line phones, and can scale the system to support thousands of users.  Our focus on cloud communications is to help bring about the Real Time Web.” Enterprises are beginning to consider WebRTC as part of their on-line web strategies. Something as simple as a ‘click-to-call’ button on a website is a cost-effective way to boost sales, provide immediate help desk support or increase productivity for remote workers.  A static company website can suddenly become an interactive real-time application, eliminating the need for third-party software such as Skype, Webex, Video chat and similar programs.  The implications that WebRTC brings to organizations of all types and sizes are enormous. “The transformative power behind WebRTC is that ordinary Web developers using JavaScript APIs can build fully functioning voice, video and data collaboration applications or embed these capabilities within their websites with a few lines of code,” said Patrice Haftman, Crosspeer CTO. “The complexity lies in the back-end server systems where protocols such as SIP, XMPP, SRTP, STUN, TURN, ICE and a host of other Internet protocols must be implemented to facilitate user connections and for integration with other types of systems such as databases, unified communications, CRM and Call Centers.  With the IP Videocom platform, Crosspeer is providing a flexible, scalable, ready-made solution containing all the functionality necessary to support any type of WebRTC application.  By not having to build their own back-end systems, developers can focus on their web apps and get them up and running within days.” According to industry analysts, applications for WebRTC will cross every industry sector including telecoms, consumer web, enterprise, social media and IPTV.  Early use-cases for web calling, conferencing, e-learning and verticals are starting to emerge.  The peer-to-peer use of WebRTC will drive unexpected new web innovations for all types of Internet-connected devices. The IP Videocom platform can be deployed as a ‘private’ solution on the Crosspeer Communications Cloud or utilized as a managed service.  It is currently available in its beta release with updates and additional functionality to follow.   Web developers can get more information by contacting Crosspeer Cloud or by visiting the IP Videocom website at
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