DoubleHorn Communications Announces International DID Service

IPOne™ DID Manager solves telecom infrastructure management and local voice presence challenges for multi-site organizations AUSTIN, Texas--( BUSINESS WIRE)-- DoubleHorn Communications, an award-winning provider of managed business communications and hosted IT and cloud services, today announced the availability of international direct inward dialing (DID) service. An addition to DoubleHorn’s cloud-based voice solutions, the new IPOne DID Manager provides multi-site, geographically distributed organizations with greater international reach more efficiently and cost effectively. DoubleHorn can now offer access to international and toll-free numbers in more than 50 countries and 4,000 cities through its network of tested and certified partners. International DIDs help solve international telecom infrastructure management and local voice presence issues for multi-site, geographically distributed organizations or those organizations that want to provide local voice presence where no physical location exists. Before international DIDs, organizations were burdened with managing a PBX at each location or utilizing remote call forwarding. Now with cloud-based IPOne DID Manager from DoubleHorn, firms can reduce infrastructure costs, reduce call rates and streamline and secure voice services. For example, for a United States-based company with geographically distributed call centers in locations such as Mexico City, Brussels and London, DoubleHorn can deliver or port existing numbers, or procure new numbers, and provide call termination anywhere a central PBX resides. Calls are converted from PSTN to VoIP and delivered over DoubleHorn’s geographically redundant network and terminated via DoubleHorn’s reliable and secure SIP trunking. IPOne DID Manager is delivered via DoubleHorn’s web-based provisioning and management portal, MyDoubleHorn. The MyDoubleHorn platform enables automatic provisioning of numbers, activation of new numbers in real-time and deployment of the DID service across international boundaries. DoubleHorn's hosted SIP trunks can also be automatically activated to deliver secure, reliable and high quality calls. MyDoubleHorn provides real-time and historical monitoring of calls and SIP trunk usage and capacity. Furthermore, MyDoubleHorn includes tools to actively manage capacity, such as capacity alerts or triggers to increase or decrease capacity based on rules set by the customer. According to DoubleHorn CEO Tab Schadt, “The combined solution of IPOne DID Manager, hosted SIP trunks and the reporting and monitoring tools available through MyDoubleHorn, provides customers with the insight they need to make better informed decisions that lead to smarter management of their deployment. Greater economies of scale and cost efficiencies are achieved when organizations buy only the capacity they need when they need it, rather than overbuying out of uncertainty.” More at
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