iconectiv Recognized for Mitigating Illegal Robocalls and Restoring Trust in Caller ID

TruReach Certify Wins TMC’s 2023 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

  • What’s the News: iconectiv’s TruReach Certify has been selected by TMC as a 2023 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award recipient.
  • Why it Matters: iconectiv’s TruReach Certify is being recognized for helping mitigate illegal robocalls and restoring trust in caller ID.
  • Who’s it for: Service providers, regulators and enterprises
BRIDGEWATER, NJ - August 21, 2023 - iconectiv, a trusted partner of the communications industry, has been recognized for its steadfast pursuit of maintaining a solid, trusted foundation for voice calls. In recognition of that work, TMC, a global, integrated media company, has selected  TruReach™ Certify as a 2023 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award winner. As the Secure Telephone Identity Policy Administrator (STI-PA) for  STIR/SHAKEN in the United States, iconectiv applies and enforces  STI-GA rules to operationalize the SHAKEN framework. TruReach Certify supports the nation’s  Calling Number Verification Service, allowing telephone companies to verify caller ID, restoring trust in the communications ecosystem. The platform supports the successful mitigation of illegal robocalls by ensuring the caller ID cannot be tampered with and is securely conveyed through an encrypted digital signature between service provider networks. “A surge in illegal robocalls has led to consumers not answering the phone when it’s a number they don’t recognize—even if it’s a call they’re waiting for from a legitimate business,” said Richard Jacowleff, Chief Executive Officer of iconectiv. “The FCC collaborated with service providers and the telecom vendor community to implement STIR/SHAKEN—a critical step to restore trust in caller ID in the U.S. Now that we’re seeing the success of the program and legitimate business calls are getting through to consumers domestically, the strategy is going global. Not only are other countries adopting STIR/SHAKEN, but the telecom ecosystem is engaged on how to solve the cross-border call authentication challenge.” The  FCC’s Triennial Report to Congress details the success of SHAKEN in the U.S. and shows that since deployment, robocalls have decreased, paving the way for legitimate businesses to reach consumers through verified caller ID. This authentication allows telephone companies to provide their customers with accurate information about the calling party, leaving it up to individuals to answer calls and making it harder for fraudsters to succeed at illegal spoofing. “Congratulations to iconectiv for being honored with a Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award,” said  Rich Tehrani, Chief Executive Officer of TMC. “TruReach Certify is truly an innovative product and is amongst the best communications products and services available on the market today. I look forward to continued excellence from iconectiv in 2023 and beyond.” For more information, visit:  www.iconectiv.com.
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